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Hardware Projects

:: LCD / Touch Monitor ::

Current monitor works but is too expensive, has a plastic touch surface (which scratches) and is not bright enough @ full sun. Power supply is also inefficient.

Goal to build Monitor Enclosure to simplify and reduce cost


  • Select LCD panel (daylight brightness

  • Design and fabricate enclosure

  • Electronics

    • Power supply

    • Auto-dim (reduce brightness and power consumption at night)

  • Waterproof enclosure

  • Touch surface high durability (glass front)


Note, this could be combined with the CommsBox below, to create a single unit, like:


CommsBox v3 (formerly Top Box)

The CommsBox contains all the added bits that make a user terminal:

  • USB Hub

  • Webcam

  • Audio amplifier w/ volume control

  • Headphone port

  • Speakers

  • Microphone

  • On/Off switch

  • Power breakout (12v to audio amp, hub, monitor)

  • USB to keyboard / touchpad / touch / user device


Some pics here:


Version 2 of the Comms Box is good, but needs some improvements still:

  • Regulated power supply

  • Power protection (fuse, relay)

  • Component placement / wiring plan

There is the possibility of creating a custom PCB to provide whats needed here, including a usb3-pcie bridge + low power GPU chip… this would be bigger project, but huge for Project Hello World (and might be broadly applicable for other education projects using Linux MultiSeat). Proposed block diagram here:

NEW - Hello Hub Health System / Sensors

  • Primarily, power sensors

    • Voltage @ Battery

    • Voltage @ PV

    • Current FROM PV

    • Current TO System

  • Integrated to Hello Hub system via usb / 1-wire, or other, or

  • Standalone board w/ gsm (totally independent)



Work to complete

  • How-to guide - technical writing

  • Illustrations & Photographs - Ikea style

  • Language Translations

  • How-to Videos


  • Further develop Community Portal

  • Create Data Dashboard

  • Hello Hub Health & Remote Support